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Hello, creatives! Are you looking to make some extra money while doing something you actually enjoy? Well, read on my friend… You have come to the right place!

Start Your Own Biz With Out of the Woods Designs

Host sign, pillow and totes painting parties in your area, either in-home or at local venues. Our strategically planned hosting events is a fun night out for a group of ladies to sip (or chug – we don’t judge!) their favourite drinks while you walk them through creating their own unique hand-crafted Pinterest worthy sign, pillow or tote bag. We provide stencils, so even the most artistically challenged or tipsy person in the room goes home with something they want to hang on their wall.

We will be with you every step of the way from setting up a Facebook Page to printing off business cards so that you feel confident and prepared to fly solo hosting events.

how are we different?

  • We offer 50% commission plus bonuses
  • Exclusive service area
  • Work your own hours
  • You are not required to carry stock
  • You don’t order until you’ve been paid
  • Free support + training
  • We are a family-oriented company
  • Incentives (gifts) for different sales levels reached
  • Earn a generous income
  • getting started

    A Host Kit for 15 people is only $249 and comes with everything you need to get going! If you think you’d like to host larger parties (more people more $$!) you can purchase an upgrade kit of 5 for $50. While this seems like a large investment, you can easily make that back in your first-party alone!

    We have over 400 options, seasonal stencils and offer custom designs so it NEVER gets old. The best thing about these parties is that they’re FUN! Tonnes of fun! So once someone has attended a party…they tend to book more parties!

    host kit for 15 people includes

    • Full Set of Paints
    • 16 Branded Aprons
    • 8 Scissors
    • 8 Sanding Blocks
    • 8 Measuring Tapes
    • 1 Roll of Transfer Tape
    • 15 Screw Drivers
    • 15 Tweezers
    • 15 Squeegees
    • 50 Business Cards
    • Your custom logo stencil
    • 1 Pillowcase & 1 Pillow Stencil
    • 1 Tote Bag & Tote Stencil
    • 2 practice stencils
    • 1 box of gloves
    • Makeup sponges for painting

    Extra sign hangers, stain example board stencil, paint example board stencil, Access to our Distributors Facebook Group, Ongoing Support and Business Coaching.

    we are here to help you

    The biggest benefit of working in a team is that you’re never alone! We are always here to answer questions and guide you. We have created an amazing online community Facebook group with all of our Distributors where we chat, share stories, ask question and brainstorm.

    I am ready!
    Yes, I have what it takes to build a stellar business

    start by booking a call

    Select a time below and the founder Brittany will call you. The call will only take about 15 minutes and help us determine if we are a good fit. After scheduling a call, please complete the application form.

    (Yes, we are accepting applications across Canada!)


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