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How do fundraisers work?
For fundraisers, we offer 3 of our sign sizes (12×12, 12×16 and 6×32), pillows (no insert), or tote bags for $55. $15 from each ticket is donated to your organization. Fundraisers last around 3 hours. Guests can choose from over 200 stencil – yes, they can each choose something different! We have 24 stains and paint colours to choose from.
How much is it to host?

Does it cost more to host a home party? There is no hidden cost for hosting a party yourself! The cost is just the cost of the products chosen. You can see the products and prices here. For home parties, we ask for a minimum of 8 attending guests.

Do you provide the "sip" part?
No, we don’t. That would be up to the hosts or their guests to provide. BYOB!
How long does a party take?
Parties can be anywhere from 2-3 hours. We ask that you respect our host’s time. If they are there teaching you a class, please try to stay on track. Save games and opening gifts to the end of the party!
If I am hosting a party at my house, do I need to provide anything?
You provide the space and we do the rest. We will bring everything needed to create your sign, pillow or totes. From table cloths right down to the trash bags!
Are your paint and materials latex free?
Our paint is a “latex paint” but latex paint is not made with latex rubber; in fact, “latex” is really just a decorative way describe rubber-based paint. It is a natural rubber that causes an allergic reaction, so people who have a sensitivity to latex products are in no danger of having a reaction to latex paint.
As host, is my sign free?
As a host, if you have over 10 attending guests your sign is absolutely FREE (up to $45 value)
Are the stencils reusable?
No unfortunately due to the customizable nature of our products we cannot offer reusable stencils.
What comes in a "take and make" kit?
We provide everything needed to complete your sign in the comfort of your home. A board stained the colour of your choice, your stencil, 3 paint colors, a hanger, sponges for painting and an instructional video to follow along with!

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